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Blue Pixel Robot Costume For Kids

Blue Pixel Robot Costume For Kids

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Blue Pixel Robot Costume For Kids
The world of the pixel is a strange one indeed. Defined simply as a minute area of illumination, the basic pixel is the main building block of most of the visual images we see today. You can capture the winking and blinking look when you put on this Blue Pixel Robot costume for kids. This robot is the poster child for bad resolution and you can resolve to wear the outfit with awkward pride.

  • Includes: A pixelated tunic and matching hood.
  • Does not include: Shirt, pants or shoes.

Nice pixelation there, friend

When an image is over-enlarged or a signal is too weak, the result is what we call pixelation. This costume takes that to the extreme: it”s essentially all pixelation. The robot”s look is somewhat out of focus, with blue and grayish squares looking like the effect we”ve all seen on television screens or computer monitors. The cable might have a bad connection or the satellite dish might be covered in snow. Who knows, but now you can take ownership of that bad picture and rock the pixels!

Show the world some pixel love!

The pixelation that pops up when you are watching something never draws anything but ire. This cute costume is your way to change that, turning the pixel into something far too cute for anyone to be angry at. The pixel robot is great for Halloween and any other fun event where you want to show off your new look.

Blue Pixel Robot Costume For Kids Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Video Game Characters

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