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Blue Fairy Wing And Wand Set For Kids

Blue Fairy Wing And Wand Set For Kids

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Blue Fairy Wing And Wand Set For Kids
Your little girl will instantly become the life of the Halloween party with The Blue Fairy Wing and Wand Set for Kids. After all, if she can bring Pinocchio to life, injecting enthusiasm into any celebration will be a piece of cake for her. Watch her spark everyone with a dash of fervor as she hovers around and inspires animated chitchat with her friends. All eyes will be on her as she owns the dance floor and works some magic with her wand. It”ll be a wonder to behold — you”d better have your camera ready.

  • Includes: Blue and silver mesh wings and matching wand.
  • Does not include: Dress.
  • Material: 26% EPS Polyfoam, 13% Polyethylene, 24% Gauze, 23% Fabric Paper, 7% Paint, 7% Metal Wire.
  • Dimension: Wings measure 17″W x 13″H and wand measures 13″L.

Rewarder of good… to those who are good

The Blue Fairy will keep monsters on their toes this Halloween as she waves that magic wand of hers. In fact, she just might find it her social duty to patrol the neighborhood when she goes trick-or-treating, making sure everyone gets their fair share of the treats. She only has to don that signature sparkling blue dress, strap on her wings, and grab that magic wand. This year, Santa Claus won”t be needed to find out who is naughty or nice. Heck, even Halloween monsters will be on their best behavior this season with the resident Blue Fairy around.

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