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Biohazard Costume - Hazmat Hazard

Biohazard Costume – Hazmat Hazard

Our Price: $42.95

Reg Price: $40.00

Biohazard Costume – Hazmat Hazard
Warning! Warning! There is a major problem in sector 7 and we need all units to report!! After escaping a deadly Biohazard you have risen this Halloween to avenge those who mutilated you into the creature you have become. The Hazmat Hazard costume is great for any Halloween activity!

This Biohazard Costume is simply the finest quality and comes in a deluxe garment bag that includes the body suite with detailed burns and Hazmat Unit printed on the front, a realistic vinyl mask and a mesh printed sleeve with mutilated arm for awesome detail.

Biohazard Costume – Hazmat Hazard Details:

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Theme Kids Decade Costumes

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