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Bernard Black Adult Boots

Bernard Black Adult Boots

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Bernard Black Adult Boots
These Bernard (Black) Adult Boots in pirate style are perfect for climbing the rigging, or you may just want a little party panache. With a look of the dashing buccaneer they are all about hotness on the high seas; perfect for splicing the mainbrace, or raiding someone else”s ship.

  • Faux leather and fold-over cuff capture the pirate vibe while the side zip makes the boots easy to wear
  • A half inch heel gives that little extra height for the vertically challenged
  • Available in Mens sizes: Small (8-9), Medium (10-11), and Large (12-13)
  • Includes: Boots
  • Heel: ”
  • Length of boot from heel to top: 17″
  • Cuff fold measures 4″, is finished and can be un-cuffed
  • Diameter measures 21″ at boot top and 18″ at calf.

If swinging your cutlass and plundering treasure sounds a bit too much like hard work you can just put on your pirates costume, get some pieces of eight, and go and buy a six pack on the way to the costume party.

Bernard Black Adult Boots Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Footwear

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