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Barbarian Sword and Shield

Barbarian Sword and Shield

Our Price: $11.95

Reg Price: $15.00

Barbarian Sword and Shield
Feel the brute force coursing through your veins! It is a few minutes before your tribe rushes into the quiet sleeping town, where you will set it ablaze after pillaging for gold and jewels! You look down at your arm, covered in your trusty shield, and then run a finger over the edge of your blade with a look of satisfaction in the night to come.

Our Barbarian Sword and Shield is the best defense against the impending fight! Our Barbarian Sword and Shield comes with a 12″ diameter shield covered in the face of a ram and flanked on all sides with rustic wooden details! The sword has a golden hilt, intricately carved to be assist the owner in battle! Be ready to charge with these crafty tools in your arsenal!

Barbarian Sword and Shield Details:

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Theme Halloween Weapons

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