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Bald Cap - Clown Wig

Bald Cap – Clown Wig

Our Price: $14.95

Reg Price: $20.00

Bald Cap – Clown Wig
Hey you! Have you been looking for the perfect wig for your three ring rendez-vous?! Do you have almost everything you need to bring smiles to everyone”s faces but are missing a hilarious hairdo? Well don”t have a hair don”t! Order the Bald Cap Clown Wig today!

Our Bald Cap Clown Wig comes with a smooth, white bald cap that stretches over the head to create a white bald spot that matches any white grease paint! On the sides, there are full, frizzy, curly tufts of bright red hair! Pull on your red party nose and you”ll be ready to get into a tiny car with 12 of your closest friends! Grab this wig today!

Bald Cap – Clown Wig Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Funny Masks

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