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Adults White Crinoline

Adults White Crinoline

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Adults White Crinoline
Whether you wish to become a pirate wench, princes or New Orleans carnival queen, this Adults White Crinoline petticoat will give you the volume to go the distance with your look. Pairs well with any full skirt, giving your look a bohemian charm and authenticity. As great as this petticoat pairs with your costume, it has potential to stand alone as a classic piece with a style all of its own.

  • Includes: One crinoline petticoat
  • Does not include: Hair scarf, jewelry, bra, underwear or shoes
  • Material: 100% Polyester, exclusive of decoration


Whether you”re going to spend the night dancing or just want to look like you are, a petticoat will impart swing and movement to your skirt or dress, giving your look that swaying motion that is so picturesque. Let it dangle coyly beneath the hem of your flowery print dress, or use it underneath a longer skirt to give your outfit a structured look that will give your skirt or dress fabulous shape and make your waistline appear smaller.

Put it on

Once you put on this whimsical piece, you won”t ever want to take it off. This charming period piece is so flattering and fun that you”ll find a hundred excuses to wear it, both for Halloween and cosplay magic, as well as a complement to your modern wardrobe. The petticoat is a mainstay of women”s fashion, standing in as a slip, lingerie or the perfect piece to complement your summer festival look, giving it that willowy and whimsical touch.

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