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Adult Wicked Wings 3ft

Adult Wicked Wings 3ft

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Adult Wicked Wings 3ft
The Adult Wicked Wings accessory let you take any costume to new levels of delightful darkness. These wings are the perfect accessory for any creature of the night costume or disguise, whether you”re dressing as a demon, a devil, a gargoyle, a black dragon or a winged reptilian alien. They could even work for a mini Maleficent costume. The sky”s the limit!

  • Includes: Adult Wicked Wings.
  • Material: 100% Nylon woven fabric with plastic frame.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.

Let your nocturnal side take flight

These black wings are a versatile addition to any Halloween costume that calls for a special flair. The wings expand out to 3 feet when the connected chain is pulled for a dramatic effect that”s sure to make an impression on a crowd. Spread your wings and let your inner night owl steal the show at your next costume party or Halloween event.

Rule the skies

There”s no better way to take any devilish or nocturnal costume to new levels of frightfulness. But that doesn”t mean you need to stick with a terror-inducing theme to make these wings work wonders. Use them to add an extra edginess to even the most innocent of costumes. Pair them with a nondescript all-black outfit to create an aura of subdued menace. Or, if you”re feeling especially daring, use them to transform into a possessed doll, a goth rocker or an evil fairy. Use your imagination and make the most of these scary wings at your next costumed outing!

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