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Adult Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume

Adult Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume

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Adult Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume
Stuck wondering what your next couples costume could possibly be? With this adult Tooth Fairy and tooth costume, you can go ahead and lay that decision to rest. This cute tutu dress will catch eyes from all around the party, and there will be no mistaking which fairy has graced the festivities with her presence thanks to her wings and wand. Of course, it”s likely that the giant tooth she”s walking around with will provide the best hint as to what her costume really is!

  • Includes: The Adult Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume includes one tooth tunic and crown, a tutu dress, wings and a wand.
  • Does not include: Sunglasses, jewelry, shirt, pants or shoes.
  • One size fits most.
  • Material: Polyester.

For the most inseparable couples

Honestly, what goes together better than the Tooth Fairy and teeth? She sneaks into countless rooms every night to get her hands on these teeth, but you can walk around with the main “tooth” in your life without having to commit felony breaking and entering to do so. The Tooth Fairy isn”t out with just any tooth, though; she”s out with the king. This is obvious by the great crown that accessorizes the costume.

Let your mind run wild

So you might need a better story to explain to the children than “this is my main tooth,” but luckily, there”s no shortage of potential “toothful” explanations you can give with this costume. After all, who hasn”t wanted to go out on Halloween as Timmy the Tooth at least once? If you really want to get into the festivities, snag a few friends to dress up as the “Plaque Monsters” and have an all-out war at your next party!

Adult Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume Details:

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Theme Funny

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