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Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume

Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume

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Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume
Here”s a “Square Deal” everyone will love–you as the 26th (and youngest) President of the United States when you don this Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume! One glance at you in this khaki-colored and action-ready ensemble and all will know that you “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” as old TR himself would say.

  • Includes: The Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume includes a hat, glasses, mustache, bandanna, belt, top, and pants.
  • Does not include: Satchel or boots.
  • One size fits most adults.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, exclusive of decoration.

Theodore Roosevelt: dynamic and attractive

Everyone loves someone excels in physical prowess and bold ideas so don”t be surprised if everyone in the room want to hear about your hunting expeditions, your plans for the Panama Canal, and your love of the outdoors when you impersonate one of our country”s finest–and most attractive and physically active–leaders! Whether you are ready to lead a charge up San Juan Hill with your fellow Rough Riders or hit the campaign trail with a memorable stump speech, you are sure to leave a lasting impression as one of the most recognizable presidents in our nation”s history!

TR was the face of politics in the early 20th century

Teddy Roosevelt (a nickname he despised) was one of most illustrated and photographed politicians in U.S. history, his trademark round eyeglasses and thick mustache appearing regularly in newspapers around the country. Even those without much knowledge of U.S presidents will know exactly who you are impersonating when you borrow TR”s look! Mount Rushmore, here you come!

Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Historical

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