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Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig

Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig

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Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig
With the Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig it”s time to get wild. Who wants to have ordinary brown, black, or blonde hair when you can wear a full head of blue and purple hair instead? With flowing blue locks and purple ringlet curls, this vibrant wig is the crowning glory for a range of costumes.

  • Includes: Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig.
  • Material: 100% Synthetic fiber.
  • Care instructions: Do not use heated styling tools as this will damage synthetic fiber. Cool temperature styling tools, plastic curlers, and hairspray are recommended.

Paint the town blue tonight

Admit it, you”re dying to know what you look like with blue hair. There”s no need to whip out the hair dye though. Instead, don this wig and unleash your inner blue and purple-haired goddess. And unlike with dye, you won”t have to worry about showing up to work next morning looking like you dunked your head in a paint bucket. Just take the wig off, and voila! Of course, the hardest part will be resisting the urge to wear it all the time.

All dolled up with somewhere to go

This adorable curled hairdo is a particularly fitting accessory for any doll costume ensemble you can dream up. Whether you plan on going as a traditional doll, a scary doll or a goth doll, this wig will add a pop of color that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. You can also try adding it to a punk costume or a cheerleader outfit for that extra splash of the unorthodox.

Adult Teal & Purple Doll Curls Wig Details:

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