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Adult Stop Sign Costume

Adult Stop Sign Costume

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Adult Stop Sign Costume
Okay, maybe it”s not the best song parody, but throw on the Adult Stop Sign Costume, and the possibilities are endless. If puns are your thing, you can keep them rolling for as long as you can hold an audience. Of course, that might not be too long, because a giant stop sign following you around and making goofy plays on words may not be the best company. But it”d be funny while it lasted!

  • Includes: A tunic in the shape of a giant stop sign
  • Does not include: Shirt, pants or shoes
  • Material: 100% Polyester

All signs point to “stop”

Are you the type of person who is hard-pressed for a pick-up line? A little shy and never sure how to approach someone you are interested? Well, here”s a solution for you. Pop on the Adult Stop Sign Costume, spot the cute guy or girl, and step right into his or her path. It”s either going to result in an awkward (and possibly angry) stare or an amused giggle, and if that person doesn”t get your humor, who”d be interested in him or her anyway? It”s a ready-made ice breaker!

Not just for parties

The Adult Stop Sign Costume is versatile and could be worn in all sorts of situations. Standing outside a sandwich shop with a signboard is old news. Dancing around as a giant stop sign? Now that”s an attention getter. How about working the front door at a function and need people to… wait for it… stop before going in? Bingo! However, resist the natural urge to go play in traffic while wearing your Adult Stop Sign Costume.

Adult Stop Sign Costume Details:

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