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Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops

Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops

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Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops
Nobody is a stranger to Spider-Man. Known for his death-defying feats among the skyscrapers of New York City, acute “Spidey Sense”, sticky webs and cool outfit, Spider-Man is the superhero to beat all superheroes. Raised by his darling Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Spider-Man grew up an orphan with a strong sense of honor, dignity and justice as well as some seriously awesome gymnastic moves. Now that he”s all grown up, Spider-Man spends his days clinging to sheer surfaces, shooting webs from his wrists and generally doing battle with evil of all types. Fortunately, now you can step into the legacy (literally) with these wonderful Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops.

  • Includes: The Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops includes one pair of polyester boot tops.
  • Does not include: costume.
  • Material: Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product.

Spiderman style for the everyday superhero!

Featuring an awesome black web pattern overlaid on a brick red background, these boot tops are the perfect accessory to finish any Spiderman costume. Whether you”re taking your little ones out for some Halloween festivities, participating in a theater production or simply dressing up at home, these nifty boot tops promise to make you feel super the instant you put them on your spidey feet. Finish the outfit with a super Spider-Man bodysuit and you”re all set to spend the night swinging between buildings and wooing Mary Jane Watson. These Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops are fit for the legend you”ve always known you are. Slip them on and go be super: you”ve earned it, Spider-Man!

Adult Spider-Man Boot Tops Details:

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