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Adult Monster Collection Red Orc Costume

Adult Monster Collection Red Orc Costume

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Adult Monster Collection Red Orc Costume
Everyone loves Morphsuits, the zany full body suits from Scotland that have take the world by storm with vibrant colors and high quality materials. Now, get in on all the excitement when you take your morph in a whole new direction. The Adult Monster Collection Red Orc Costume is converts a simple red body suit into screams of fun. You”ll look like an imaginary underground monster, complete with scary horns and massive yellow teeth.

  • This is an officially licensed Morphsuit costume.
  • This futuristic 3D printing is scary good

    The definition of real muscles on the front of the suit is printed to look like it”s in 3D. The muscles and shadows are so realistic that you won”t even recognize yourself. Long before “Lord of the Rings,” orcs were the lords of the underworld that terrified children in medieval England and Scandinavia. “The orcs will get you!” would send children running for their mamas. Now it will send them running for their cameras.

    Demons are so 20th century

    Orcs are the latest trend in nightmare cool and 100 times scarier than demons. Today, orcs are like the craft beer of the netherworld — even though you see them everywhere, people still want more. For your next costume party or horror fantasy con, become an orc like no one has ever seen, and one they will never forget.

    Adult Monster Collection Red Orc Costume Details:

    Color On Costume”s Picture
    CONDITION Brand-New
    Theme Skin Suits

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