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Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume

Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume

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Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume
If you”re tired of being high profile and under scrutiny all the time, the Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume is your ticket to escape all of that for awhile. Why not take a mini vacation from your true identity and try being faceless in the crowd? Covered in black, you”ll make a creepy statement while getting to sit back and take in the whole scene from the shadows.

  • Includes: The Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume includes a black robe with hood, black mask, black belt and black gloves.
  • Does not include: shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

All-black is the new black

Forget the little black dress or the basic black turtleneck; you can go ALL black with this startlingly subdued costume. The included black mask helps to create the illusion that you are truly faceless, and you can play that up even further by wearing some black makeup around your eyes (not included). The Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume is your ticket to blending in at the party while still making a big, dark impression.

Perfect for lurking

You lurk on Facebook all the time; why not lurk in real life at the next Halloween or costume party? This all-black ensemble is perfect for blending in with dark corners, shadows and coat rooms when you need a break from the revelry. Be low-key and mysterious at any Halloween event or costume party with this getup. You can also take it in a whole different direction by adding an unexpected wacky accessory like a colorful hat or Flavor Flav clock necklace.

Adult Faceless Ghoul Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme HorrorGothic

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