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Adult Egyptian Collar

Adult Egyptian Collar

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Adult Egyptian Collar
If you”re keen on being Cleopatra for a night, The Adult Egyptian Collar is one accessory you can”t do without. You can rock the party at River Nile and watch everyone be starstruck by ancient Egypt”s most famous queen. But then again, this is a modern-day soiree, so you shouldn”t be surprised when cameras and smartphones start flashing and everyone begs for a selfie with the night”s Queen of the Nile. After all, it isn”t every day that the world-renowned queen would grace a party with her majestic presence.

  • Includes: This accessory includes one turquoise, green, and amber jeweled collar.
  • Does not include: Dress or arm band.
  • Material: PVC and felt.
  • Dimension: One size fits most adults.

Even mummies and sphinxes will approve

Mummies will curtsy before your presence this Halloween. Heck, they”ll probably rally together the rest of the undead and all hail you as their queen. Sure, it”ll be impossible to move the party to the pyramids, even if it”s your royal decree. But this accessory will be the perfect embellishment to give the crowd a good feel of ancient Egypt in all its glory. Track down that perfect Egyptian dress, dab on some makeup, and keep up that poise and regal stature for the entire night and you”ll make Cleopatra proud. Now, if only Julius Caesar and Antony would show up, they”d be the perfect trophy boys to have on hand. If not, maybe the Great Sphinx will take a day off from its post and guard you for the night.

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