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Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume

Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume

Our Price: $49.95

Reg Price: $60.00

Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume
Who”s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Costume? Me, for one. Maybe Richard Burton, as I understand the title of that one movie. Now, as frightening as they are, big bad wolves have something to teach all of us, mainly the importance of following building codes when building a home. Also, I guess they tangentially send us the message that old people are not to be trusted and that they might, in actuality want to eat you. Luckily you won”t have to worry about any of that with this costume, since it really is kind of cute.

The Big Bad Wolf Costume is for anyone that wants to give off that “I”ll blow your house down” or “I”ll eat your grandma” vibe without actually doing so! Available at CostumeKingdom!

Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume Details:

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Theme Animal Costumes

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