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Adult Batman Hoodie

Adult Batman Hoodie

Our Price: $44.99

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Adult Batman Hoodie
Forget the penguin suit — The Adult Batman Hoodie is an officially licensed product for the casual vigilante crime fighter. Look cool while keeping warm in true superhero style. It”s the one wardrobe staple that won”t go out of fashion.

  • Includes: One polyester zip-up hoodie
  • Does not include: Pants
  • Materials: Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product

Jokers will step aside when Batman”s on the scene

When the Bat signal goes on, it”s time to leap into action. Sometimes, though, Bruce Wayne doesn”t have time to change at the Batcave. Instead, he can transform instantly into the Bat with this zip up hoodie. Combine casual style with crime fighting prowess in a black zip-front hoodie screen printed with Batman”s iconic yellow utility belt and modern sculpted muscles. The attached face mask is vented for vision and breathability while still protecting your secret identity. The cowl cut of the hood and partial face cover sets this hoodie apart from more casual hooded zip ups and pull overs. The bat ears on the hood won”t give you bat-like hearing but it will cast an imposing bat-like silhouette.

Get under Batman”s hood

For those dark and brooding days, this hoodie will protect you against the forces of evil while intimidating your foes. Add the item to your regular wardrobe and you”ll suddenly feel like a superhero while doing mundane chores like grocery shopping, going to the bank or filling the gas tank. Pair with black pants to create a quick Batman costume for a last-minute Halloween event. For a real creepy twist, zip this hoodie over a Joker or Harley Quinn costume.

Adult Batman Hoodie Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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