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Adult 2D Pac-Man Halloween Costume

Adult 2D Pac-Man Halloween Costume

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Adult 2D Pac-Man Halloween Costume
If you got the feverÑthe Pac-Man feverÑthen there is only one cureÑit is the Adult 2D Pac-Man Halloween Costume. . . and maybe one of those cool cocktail-style arcade cabinets. Those things are pretty dope, but I wouldnÕt want to wear one for Halloween. Forget that. Pac-Man is one of the great icons of 1980Õs culture and one of the most recognizable heroes in all of video game history.

Whether or not youÕve ever cleared level 256 (or you even know what that is), you know that Pac-Man is perhaps the greatest ghostkiller/speed eater. The costume itself only comes with a suit (sorry, no power pellets here), but what else do you need when it comes to a guy like Pac-Man? He doesnÕt even have arms! All he needs is some fruit and somewhere to move to and all you need this Halloween is the Adult 2d Pac-Man Halloween Costume. The Adult 2D Pac-Man Halloween Costume is the pinnacle of video game costumes. ItÕs where the 80Õs meets the road.

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