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Abominable Snowbaby Infant Costume

Abominable Snowbaby Infant Costume

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Abominable Snowbaby Infant Costume
From the North Pole via the nursery, the Abominable Snowbaby Infant Costume is a fearsome ensemble for the fearless tot and the shy little snow Sasquatch. The fangs and fur of this frosty legendary creature will transform your innocent infant into an intimidating monster with one quick zip.

  • Includes: The Abominable Snowbaby Infant Costume includes a lined zippered jumpsuit, a hood with eyes, tongue, and teeth, and a pair of booties.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Jumpsuit has leg snaps for easy diaper changes.

That”s one scary snowbaby!

The legend of the elusive Yeti starts high up in the Himalayan mountains, where a mysterious creature lurks and hunts. Another mysterious creature lurks down the hallway in a nearby bedroom, but you don”t need to be a cryptozoologist to know that it”s only your child disguised as a Yeti. In this fur-lined jumpsuit, your infant will look more adorable than abominable as Bumbles, the Abominable Snow Monster. Bigfoot”s baby cousin has the cutest little feet in the North Pole with these cozy booties. When this snow monster gets cranky, the jumpsuit has leg snaps for quick and easy diaper changes, so he can get back to climbing up the Matterhorn–or out of his crib.

It”s a bouncing baby Bumbles!

Despite his reputation, this furry phantom is ready to be seen at any event. Take your abominable snowbaby on a Halloween trick-or-treating expedition. Throw a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer costume party for Christmas or simply dress up the family for the annual viewing of the Rankin/Bass classic.

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