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50s Style Bouffant Blonde Wig

50s Style Bouffant Blonde Wig

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50s Style Bouffant Blonde Wig
Blondes really do have more fun, as you”ll learn when you don this 50″s Style Bouffant Blonde Wig and transport yourself back to an idyllic decade of drive-in movies theaters, sock hops and soda-fountain counters. This kitschy wig is the ultimate in camp and will bring down the house in performance venues. The classic platinum blonde color will allow you to create a variety of personas, from well-known and loved film and music stars to entirely new creations.

  • Includes: One bouffant blonde wig
  • Does not include: Bow, jewelry or top
  • Material: Polyester

Dress it up

A wig this outrageous requires electric-blue eyeliner, faux lashes and bright lips. Or go mod with uber-nude lips and face and smokey eyes. You”ll have hours of fun creating the right face to match this bold statement piece. Pair it with short shorts and a polka-dot halter, or recreate the poodle skirt and sweater ensemble. Cats-eye glasses and rhinestone-decked jewelry will send your look over the moon.

Camp it up

A look this retro has to have a touch of the ironic. Don”t neglect to review the manners and slang speak of this iconic decade so you can sprinkle your conversations with the right expressions and slogans. A fun choice for theater and performance, and a must-have for the showgirl”s repertoire of interesting props and enhancements. Forget expensive double process hair colors and time-intensive backcombing. Instead, just get this wig and enjoy your next party in true 50s care free fashion!

50s Style Bouffant Blonde Wig Details:

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