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40 Prop Roaches

40 Prop Roaches

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40 Prop Roaches
Many homes are full of good food and great company. Want yours to stand our from the crowd? This bag of 40 prop roaches will do the trick! Sprinkle them inside and outside your house and everyone will know that you have the most unique home on the block. These 40 prop roaches will terrify even your steel-nerved guests. Spiders? They eat bugs and should be a welcome addition to any home. Mice? They are cute and harmless. But cockroaches? These little guys do not have any fans. Your guests will be running for the door if they see your kitchen tabled sprinkled with dozens of these creepy, crawly critters. Pair them with some other dirty, decorative tricks like a creepy cobweb and you will be all set to be the most unnerving house on the block.

  • Includes: The 40 Prop Roaches includes one bag of 40 plastic roaches.
  • Does not include: Corn, gourds, simulated webs.
  • Material: Plastic.

Play a prank on your friends and family!

While this bag of 40 prop roaches will provide you with some great decoration for your home, it will also make an excellent resource for playing tricks on your friends, family and coworkers. Take a handful and slip them into a coworker”s desk drawer, place a few at your friend”s home or scatter a mess of them into your partner”s car. You are guaranteed to get a scream with these extremely realistic roaches. However, use them carefully! You wouldn”t want to frighten someone to death!

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