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2013 Halloween Costume Styles

Halloween is the time to let go of your inhibitions and transform into a character or costume that is very different from your actual persona.  There are countless 2013 Halloween costume styles to choose from, but finding something new and different can be more challenging. Here are some great costume style options that will have you turning heads and winning costume competitions.

Halloween is not just for children, but children often have the most fun during his unique holiday. There are countless 2013 kids Halloween costumes to choose from. It can be difficult to narrow down your options, but here are some very popular costume ideas.

Baby Superman: Strap on a tiny red cape and blue shirt with the famous emblem to produce the most adorable and unique baby costume around.

Child Viking: Not only have the Master Card commercials made Vikings incredibly popular, but children love to dress in barbaric costumes. You can add the Viking horns and accessories to create the perfect Viking costume that makes people smile.

Angry Birds: Not only is Angry Bird a very popular game among children, but it is also played by many adults. Your child can be trendy and cool in a red angry bird costume that looks realistic and different from other costume potions.

Monsters Inc.: This popular movies series is beloved by most children and allows kids to dress in scary costumes that aren’t alarming or fear inducing.
These are some fun 2013 Halloween costume styles that all kids will adore.

Other popular 2013 Halloween costume styles that will turn heads are more character related. The Beyoncé costume with a bedazzled tight fitting outfit, microphone and trendy earrings, is the perfect look for any college girl. Guys might choose to be more debonair by impersonating Leonardo Dicaprio character as the Great Gatsby. A tailored suit and slicked hair style will have all the ladies at the Halloween Party swooning.

Other popular Halloween costume ideas include the baby bump. You can look like Kim, Kate or any other famous pregnant celeb by mimicking a baby bump. You can also choose a costume that looks like the royal family by selecting styles that are refined and stylish. It is very popular to look fashionable and stylish at Halloween parties, rather than scary and spooky. There are countless costume selections to choose from, which makes finding one that is perfect for you possible.

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