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Womens Plus Size Medieval Queen

Womens Plus Size Medieval Queen

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Womens Plus Size Medieval Queen
Wear our Women”s Plus Size Medieval Queen Costume, and everyone will bow down to you on Halloween. Packed inside this set are the gown with long sleeves and collar, peplum, embroidered bodice, and crown. The mermaid style gown is created with vibrant teals and a mix of satiny and velvety fabrics. The attached peplum shows off a scaly design. At the top, you”ll see a collar that fans out with pointed edges for extra drama. It coordinates with the gold crown that has points jutting upward. Both the crown and the gold design on the center of the bodice are embellished with fake jewels because, as we know, royals are never seen without their jewels. Queens are already the most powerful women in their kingdoms, and queens with magical powers are all the more feared. Use our plus size Medieval Queen costume for ladies to command the same power by being an evil monarch on Halloween night.

Womens Plus Size Medieval Queen Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Renaissance

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