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Womens Cleopatra Costume

Womens Cleopatra Costume

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Womens Cleopatra Costume
Cleopatra was so wise and so beautiful that her people thought her to be a goddess. It includes a golden headpiece with a serpent on the front and gold beading down the sides. An adorned and embellished collar with an attached cape that attached to your wrists with gold cuffs, a finely pleated orange gown with gold braiding on the bodice and a very long, bejeweled belt.The queen of the Nile had a stature of leadership power in ancient Egypt so she was adorned accordingly. The Women”s Cleopatra Costume is a dramatic depiction of what Cleopatra would have worn. Women of royalty like her wore heavily adorned headpieces and embellished collars just like the ones on this Cleopatra costume. From head to toe you will have all of the pieces needed for a superbe costume. Either with or without Marc Antony by your side, you can be the powerful and magnificent Cleopatra.

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