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Womens Classic Spider-Girl Costume

Womens Classic Spider-Girl Costume

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Womens Classic Spider-Girl Costume
“Your web or mine?” This Spider-Girl Adult Classic Costume is ready to swing and comes with everything you need to match the Amazing Spider-man at his own game including spider-patterned, long-sleeved dress and petticoat and a sparkling silver eye mask to keep your identity a surprise until your fly is caught in the web! Just add the boots or shoes of your choice and join your Spider-man of choice for a web-sling swing around town or go out on your own and join a group of similarly-attired female superheroes. Ironically, there is a genuine Spider-girl in the Marvel Universe now and she has her own comic book! Spider-girl is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in a possible future that proved popular enough with readers that she got her own series! Granted, the costume isn”t the same, looking more like dad”s old Spider-man costume, but this sassy, fresh costume will still leave the fan-boys drooling!

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