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Womens Aurora Prestige Costume

Womens Aurora Prestige Costume

Our Price: $64.99

Reg Price: $95.00

Womens Aurora Prestige Costume
When it comes to princesses the costume just get better and better every year, which is certainly saying something considering the quality marks Disney has set and considering the width and breadth of their body of work. Celebrate the worldÕs favorite sleeper agent this Halloween with the WomenÕs Aurora Prestige Costume.

You can see why an evil sorcerer might become a wee bit jealous when looking at a costume this attractive and this well put together. In fact if itÕs only a sorcerer thatÕs setting her evil gaze on you, youÕd be lucky. ItÕs quality, folks.

This elegant gown is the WomenÕs Aurora Prestige Costume and it is the pinnacle of Sleeping Beauty costumes. Whether you have a themed party planned, are simply going out on Halloween, or are pairing yourself up with another highborn person, this outfit will deliver!

Womens Aurora Prestige Costume Details:

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