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Womens 80s Work Out Costume

Womens 80s Work Out Costume

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Womens 80s Work Out Costume
The Womens 80″s Work Out Costume is a colorful option for fun-loving ladies who adore vintage fitness clothing. Celebrate the hilarity of 80″s exercise trends by taking your workout moves to the dance floor. Even if you don”t have buns of steel, a sparkling smile will sell this look.

  • Includes: Jumpsuit, headband and wrist cuffs.
  • Does not include: Wig, shoes, leg warmers or belt.
  • Material: Made from 20% Elastane and 80% polyester.

Lets get physical!

In the 1980s, trainers like Richard Simmons, Denise Austin, and Kathy Smith became stars. They inspired trends in workout fashion that captured the colorful imagination of people around the world. Neon leotards, bike shorts, leggings and sweatbands have never been so popular. Olivia Newton John”s “Lets get physical” wasn”t just a pop song; it was the motto of 80s fitness fanatics. With the Womens 80″s Work Out Costume, you can look the part of an 80″s aerobics queen while lighting up the dance floor at any great costume party.

Are you ready to jazzercise?

If you really want to embrace the perfect 80s aerobic look, add to the Womens 80″s Work Out Costume with authentic accessories like neon leg warmers. And any true 80s woman knows that it”s all about the perm. If you”re not ready to commit to a full voluminous blowout this Halloween, never fear; we”ve got all the 80s wigs you”ll ever need. Complete the look while some perfectly white sneakers; high tops, if possible.

Womens 80s Work Out Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme 80s 90s

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