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Wild Kratts Quality Blue Bat Costume For Boys

Wild Kratts Quality Blue Bat Costume For Boys

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Wild Kratts Quality Blue Bat Costume For Boys
The Wild Kratts Quality Blue Bat Costume for Boys is just the right blend of creepy nighttime creature and cute outfit, making it ideal for Halloween. The jumpsuit has attached wings, so no costume assembly is required. The lightweight foam mask is shaped like a bat”s pointy ears. Pair the jumpsuit and mask together, and the youngster will look like he or she flew out of a cave seeking adventure — or maybe just a few insects for dinner.

  • Includes: Blue and black jumpsuit with attached wings, and a matching foam mask.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Wild Kratts costume.

Upside down is right side up

Costumes need to be durable for kids, who are as likely to be hanging upside down as they are to be right side up. This bat costume is roomy enough to allow plenty of movement, such as flapping the arms like a bat to show off the attached wings. It is also a quality costume ideal for year-round parties, like birthdays and end-of-the-school year celebrations.

Sounds of laughter bouncing back

Bats are known for emitting sounds that bounce back to them, but the primary “bounce” the Wild Kratts bat costume-wearing kid will experience is light bouncing off the reflective emblem on the jumpsuit”s chest. Of course, peals of laughter will likely be bouncing off the walls, too. Your kid can wear this costume in a community parade, a school play, or while watching a Wild Kratts television show. Who knew a bat could be so entertaining?

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