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Wickd Wolfie Costume For Kids

Wickd Wolfie Costume For Kids

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Wickd Wolfie Costume For Kids
She may look all sweet and innocent, but your daughter will certainly make them join in the howl in this Wick”d Wolfie Costume For Kids, a fun take on creature-themed costumes. Whether she”s creeping into the sleepy village at night to stalk her next victim at a school Halloween party, or going up against the vampires with her clan during a day of dress-up play, your wolf girl will enjoy hours of fun in this outfit.

  • Includes: A faux torn flannel dress and faux fur hood, mitts, and boot covers.
  • Does not include: Boots.
  • Material: Dress: 80% polyester, 20% fishnet overlay. Hood- 55% faux fur, 45% polyester. Boot tops – 100% polyester. Mitts -100% polyester.

Know your werewolf lore

Does your daughter love all things werewolf, and does she really want to get into character? Brush up on some werewolf history, and learn how to act the part convincingly. Werewolves are typically considered to be humans who have been affected with lycanthropy, a “disease.” A fake bite mark might be a great addition to the look. Your little one may also want to appear as if she just spent the night in the woods hunting prey – add some dirt to her arms, legs, and face for greater effect. Finally, many movies and stories depict werewolves who lose some of their humanity when in animal form. A little howl practice (and a creepy, animalistic stalking stride) may be just what the doctor ordered for a great and convincing werewolf look.

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