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White Jesus Robe

White Jesus Robe

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White Jesus Robe
ItÕs hard to do better than the King of Kings. And if you think you can do better than him that probably makes you a heretic! While Jesus Christ of Nazareth is known for a few other things before his fashion prowess, itÕs safe to say that over the past two thousand years of heÕs become a fairly recognizable fellow, which is why we can safely say that the White Jesus Robe is a costume in the style of that great man.

Of course you donÕt have to go as the Way, the Truth, and the Light, this heavy duty robe can easily double for a number of saints! For example, why not dress up as Simeon Stylites or even St. George (or Al Khader, if youÕre feeling cosmopolitan)! Whichever way you go, the White Jesus Robe will meet your needs.

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