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Vampire”s Bride Cut Off Head

Our Price: $28.89

Reg Price: $34.67

Vampire”s Bride Cut Off Head

Vampire Bride Cut Off Head

In the tradition of Vlad the Impaler comes a very realistic Female Cut Off Head!

Her mouth is open to expose fangs, eyes are open to show pupils orbs, sheer wedding headpiece drapes over long flowing hair and bloody stump reveals protruding backbone and moist musculature.

Each head is individually hand painted for the most horrific look possible.

Please Note: Body part appearances may differ from what is shown in photo. They may differ in skin tone, blood color and size as paint dye lots vary from one production run to another. It is possible, that the styles may not match when purchasing multiple body parts.

Vampire”s Bride Cut Off Head Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Vampires & Bats

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