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Unisex Nestle Nerds Box Adult Costume

Unisex Nestle Nerds Box Adult Costume

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Unisex Nestle Nerds Box Adult Costume
Combine Irregularly shaped bits of sugar crystal with candy coating and you have got yourself some Nerds candy! First created in 1976 but officially launched in the year 1983 by Kevin Ruby Deering. This costume features Nestle Nerds Box One piece costume that is pink and purple, representing the grape and strawberry flavors. Now sold by Nestle company, Nerds comes in a variety of colors and flavors and range from sweet to sour. The fun candy get it”s hard bite and glass from being thickly glazed in carnauba wax. Appeal to everyone”s sweet tooth this Halloween and dress up in the Unisex Nestle Nerds Box Adult Costume. They”re not good for your teeth, but look oh so sweet! Costume does not include shirt, pants, and shoes. This sugar rush is a must!

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