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Tyrannosaurus Infant / Toddler Costume

Tyrannosaurus Infant / Toddler Costume

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Tyrannosaurus Infant / Toddler Costume
This Tyrannosaurus Infant/Toddler Costume provides the foundation for a feast of dinosaur proportions. Thump down the driveway in an intimidating green-and-yellow disguise no species can ignore. Carnivorous feeding time has begun, and this dinosaur is not a picky eater. Are there any tasty species of candy to pursue? Whether they are triceratops-shaped jujubes or chocolates a la duckbill, those treats get tastier by the minute. Watch out, little critters! This ferocious dinosaur is on the hunt.

  • The plush theropod costume features a bright yellow jumpsuit body and tail with a green upper back and scales. White belly stripes and green stripes along the leg alert the other trick-or-treat dinosaurs to stay away. Mitts with sewn-on claws give your child powerful candy-grabbing digits.
  • Look at those commanding feet! Attached booties or shoe covers show off some daunting toe claws.
  • If those toes frighten you, just wait until you see the hood. This ferocious covering gives your child the perfect camouflage. A large padded head with plastic eyes and pointy teeth show just why your little one is ruler of the Cretaceous dinosaur clan.
  • Includes: suit, hood and mitts.

Tyrannosaurus Infant / Toddler Costume Details:

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Theme Dragons Dinosaurs

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