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The Simpsons: Mens Deluxe Patty Costume

The Simpsons: Mens Deluxe Patty Costume

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The Simpsons: Mens Deluxe Patty Costume
Not any guy can handle becoming Homer Simpson”s biggest nemesis, his loud, abrasive and cynical sister-in-law, Patricia (Patty) Bouvier. You can take charge of the situation and capture that cynicism in all its blue-haired glory when you put on The Simpsons: Men”s Deluxe Patty Costume for your Simpsons related Halloween party or other event. It doesn”t matter if she”s coming over to Marge”s house or working at the DMV, Patty is rarely an optimist. Through it all, however, she stays true to herself – go out and be Patty!

  • Includes: A dress, wig, necklace and leggings
  • Does not include: Shoes
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons costume

She rarely sheds a tear for Homer

While her sister Selma once in a great while takes it easy on Homer, Patty is relentless and ruthless in her criticism, with only one or two exceptions ever. There”s no part of her sister”s husband she can tolerate, and she”s never afraid to voice her feelings. When you play Patty, be prepared to be the thorn in the side of any Homers at your Halloween party. That”s how you want to portray her – as no pity Patty!

Blue hair never looked so strange

All of the Bouvier sisters have some interesting hairstyles, and interestingly enough, they all share the color blue. Marge sports hers in a high bun, Selma”s hairdo resembles the letter M, while Patty”s is an afro worthy of any 70s sitcom. There”s no mistaking them anywhere in Springfield. The blue afro wig that comes with the costume captures the Patty look in all its glamour. Rock the blue do!

The Simpsons: Mens Deluxe Patty Costume Details:

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