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The Simpsons: Homer Mask For Adults

The Simpsons: Homer Mask For Adults

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The Simpsons: Homer Mask For Adults
For years, he”s entertained us as the somewhat lovable slob of Springfield, that cartoon burg that he, wife Marge, daughter Lisa and son Bart call home. You can capture the magic of the bumbling oaf with a big heart when you put on The Simpsons: Homer Mask For Adults. He frequently gets himself into trouble with his latest scheme or idea to make easy money since, unfortunately, Homer isn”t smart enough to see the trouble coming. Still, he”s able to get through without things being a total loss – keep trying, Homer!

  • Includes: One PVC mask, with vision for eyes through mask
  • Does not include: Shirt
  • Material: Plastic
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons product

Safety at a nuclear power plant?

Of course not! Homer works there, but only because he has to work somewhere, and he can”t wait for the day to get over so he can relax with a Duff”s beer at Moe”s. He”s prone to near-meltdown inducing accidents and routinely puts his coworkers at risk. Of course, his intentions are good. He really doesn”t want to hurt anyone.

The world is against him

From the bureaucracy at the DMV, where his nemesis sister-in-law Patty works, to those pesky rules at work and the general tasks associated with daily life, it seems like everything is working to keep Homer from just relaxing on the couch. You can play the offbeat and interesting Homer for your Halloween party or other fun event. It”s Homer against the world!

The Simpsons: Homer Mask For Adults Details:

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