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The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Men

The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Men

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The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Men
Forget Homer Simpson — the best and most unexpected character for your next Simpsons costume should be the lovely Selma Bouvier. This chain-smoking chick has the physique of a middle-aged woman, but the gravelly voice of a very old man. The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Men will allow you to imitate this memorable character”s unique look, although you may need to practice a bit in order to perfect her hacking smoker”s cough. While you”re at it, feel free to kick back and watch an episode of MacGyver, Selma”s favorite show.

  • Includes: Wig, dress, necklace, and leggings.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Simpsons costume.

Life is better with a twin and a cigarette!

Selma Bouvier is easily one of the most underrated characters on the Simpsons. Delightfully cynical, Marge”s older sister has a pithy comeback for just about any situation imaginable. When she”s not watching MacGyver or smoking, she”s busy trashing her obnoxious brother-in-law Homer Simpson. This Selma costume for men allows you to take part in all of your favorite Selma-like hobbies, all while looking the part in a blue dress and pink necklace. The ensemble includes a huge wig, which, thanks to Selma”s obsession with nicotine, is bluish-gray instead of sandy blonde. Like most Simpsons characters, Selma has yellow skin, and this costume brings this unique skin tone to life with yellow leggings that cover your arms and legs. Pair with a pack of cigarettes for full Selma transformation.

The Simpsons: Deluxe Selma Costume For Men Details:

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