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The Batman Adult

The Batman Adult

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The Batman Adult
From the animated series, Batman of Gotham City, you”re going to look like a real superhero in this Dark Knight Avenger costume! Oh yes, this handsome knight is definitely prepared to fight! And it”s off to the Batmobile, because Gotham City needs Batman! The Blue and Gray Batman Romper costume includes a full jumpsuit with Batman logo on the chest. It also includes headpiece (to hide your secret identity) with bat ears and a cape. No villain in Gotham City is going to get by this Batman!! And what a way to win points with the ladies! What woman will dare resist all the power and strength oozing out of you…in this costume, they”ll be asking YOU to fight the monsters from under their bed and inside their closet… Well if you ask me, feeling as strong as Batman is definitely not a bad deal!

The Batman Adult Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Cartoon

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