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Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo

Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo

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Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo
When you”re holding up toppling skyscrapers and stopping runaway trains, you don”t have time to worry about what you”re wearing. Put on a Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo and you”ll look good no matter what you”re doing! This sleeveless leotard has no pant legs, making sure you can dropkick any villain from here to Krypton. Magenta lining runs along the hems of the leotard, matching the pink and white Supergirl logo on the front of the chest. Shining sparkles cover the symbol to let everyone know who the best Kryptonian is. Clark is off helping at the Justice League and New York is in your hands. Make sure you can keep up with all the hubbub when you wear this Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo! Don”t forget your Supergirl tutu and cape, both available here.

Supergirl Leotard with Glitter Logo Details:

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