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Super Mario:  Deluxe Adult Yoshi Plus Costume

Super Mario: Deluxe Adult Yoshi Plus Costume

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Super Mario: Deluxe Adult Yoshi Plus Costume
The dinosaur known as Yoshi!

When you were young, you rescued and protected Mario and Luigi, who were just babies, from the anger of Kamek and the Koopa Troop. Now you can saddle up and become the large-nosed, red-spined Yoshi, with his lime green skin and long sticky tongue in this Super Mario: Deluxe Adult Yoshi Plus Costume. Start referring to yourself in the third person, and say things like “Yoshi no like meatballs!”

  • Includes: A jumpsuit with attached tailed, inflatable shell with arm straps, and a Yoshi headpiece.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario costume.

“Yoshi having vine time, Mario!”

Remember Yoshi eats just about anything in sight (unless it”s a Koopa shell), yet he remains seriously fleet-footed. He”s also a tennis ace, so bear this in mind when going to your next fancy dressed party in this Super Mario: Deluxe Adult Costume. Don”t be surprised if people try to jump on your back – after all you”ve often acted as Luigi and Mario”s trustworthy steed! You might want to practice laying a few eggs as well… Equally, remember your fierce loyalty to the Mario Bros and your courage. You have defeated the wicked King Bowser Koopa and saved your island on more than one occasion. It”s a good thing you”re brave, since you also need to take on other foes, including Yoob and the gigantic Baby Bowser. You”re more than prepared to take them on in this outfit. Just add a pair of orange shoes!

Super Mario: Deluxe Adult Yoshi Plus Costume Details:

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Theme Video Game Characters

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