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Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume Kit For Adults

Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume Kit For Adults

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Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume Kit For Adults
You and your Super Nintendo were inseparable. You were a “gamer” before that officially became a thing, and playing Super Mario Bros. was your jam. Which was your favorite character? Yoshi, of course! Who didn”t want a green dinosaur companion and trusty steed? It seems only right to honor the cutest character by strapping on the Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume Kit for Adults.

  • Includes: Yoshi headpiece, and an inflatable shell with arm straps.
  • Does not include: Green shirt.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario product.

A bringer of smiles

Whether you envision yourself as the fleet-footed character who helps Mario or Luigi navigate “Dinosaur Land,” or the protector of Baby Mario from enemies, this Yoshi costume brings out the best in you. Noble, loyal, and completely adorable, adults will delight in seeing a blast from their past recreated, and kids will be excited to see one of their favorites come to life.

A live-action nod to an NES favorite

Dino-power seems like a difficult thing to recreate, but the lovable Yoshi can be brought to life quickly and easily with this costume. Just inflate the shell, slip the straps over your shoulders, and pop on the Yoshi hood. For a full Yoshi effect, add a green t-shirt (sold separately) for the body, and you”ll be ready to ride off into the sunset (or at least ready to party). While still presenting a complete character, this costume makes it easy for you to enjoy Halloween festivities without being hampered by heavy or awkward pieces that might come between you and the trick-or-treats.

Super Mario Bros: Yoshi Costume Kit For Adults Details:

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