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Special Ops Cannon

Special Ops Cannon

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Special Ops Cannon
Whether you are dressing up as a Delta Force Soldier for Halloween or need a prop to complete a commando costume, the Special Ops Cannon is the perfect accessory. Designed to mimic the likeness of a real gun, the fierce military prop looks and feels authentic.

  • Futuristic and modern are two words that come to mind when describing the Special Ops Cannon. From the bright orange accents to the gun metal gray color, one pull of the cannon”s trigger will have your enemy in dire straits.
  • The perfect addition to any fighter or military costume, the Special Ops Cannon is designed to deliver a bang.
  • From the orange colored highlights to the dark gray barrel, the cannon looks and feels like a real weapon, and will leave spectators feeling awed. Luckily for anyone who is encountered along the way, the large militia accessory is a toy gun that can do no harm!
  • Includes: Cannon.

Special Ops Cannon Details:

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