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Slash Hat And Hair

Slash Hat And Hair

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Slash Hat And Hair
Welcome to the jungle, baby. The Slash Hat and Hair is a pitch-perfect simacrulum of one of the greatest and most influential guitarists in rock history. Not only were his licks some of the most recognizable hits of the 90″s, but, hey, so was his look. When it comes to rock there are few men as distinct looking as Slash. He”s committed to this look for over twenty years, why shouldn”t you join along for Halloween night?

The Slash Hat and Hair comes with a big, ol” timey hat, along a perfect imitation of his wavy locks. While these accessories won”t help you create any memorable guitar riffs, it certainly couldn”t hurt. What is assured, though, is that this would make a great addition to any Halloween costume, or even simply worn on its own.

If you wear one hard rocking wig this Halloween, make sure it”s the Slash Hat and Hair.

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