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Skintight Gangster Bodysuit - Morphsuits

Skintight Gangster Bodysuit – Morphsuits

Our Price: $64.95

Reg Price: $80.00

Skintight Gangster Bodysuit – Morphsuits
With new technology, not only can hitmen hide their identities, they can also look dapper when… uh… feeding fish? Show your true colors and pick up a tommy gun along with our Morphsuits Skintight Gangster Bodysuit! Capone doesn”t know what he”s missing!

With breathable fabric, you”ll be able to see just fine in our Morphsuit, allowing you to track your prey without them even knowing you”re looking at them! Don”t force yourself to choosing between style and substance — take both with our Morphsuits Skintight Gangster Bodysuit!

Skintight Gangster Bodysuit – Morphsuits Details:

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Theme Police Costumes

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