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Shark Hat

Shark Hat

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Shark Hat
You are swimming along in the ocean and suddenly you feel something clamp down on your head. What could it be? With the Shark Hat, you”ll show up as the latest victim of Jaws” reign, complete with menacing teeth taking ahold of your brain. Being attacked by a shark is something that most swimmers fear. This Shark Hat turns that fear into something funny and it gives you a minimal way to dress up for Halloween and to take part in the festivities. You can even change it and make it look even more terrifying by using fake blood or perhaps coloring it with a marker to put some menacing innards onto the shark”s teeth. Wear it in whatever way suits your fright level and be the hit of your next Halloween or costume party.

  • Dress for smiles and shrieks when you wear this hat for Halloween or any other menacing shark moments.
  • Made from polyester and polyurethane foam, this hat lets you participate in Halloween without going all out.
  • Includes: hat.
  • Does not include shirt.

Shark Hat Details:

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