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Sexy Tribal Lady Costume

Sexy Tribal Lady Costume

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Sexy Tribal Lady Costume
What do you want me to do? Paint a picture? Spell it out? The Sexy Tribal Lady Costume is a fantastic American Indian costume. Oh sure it”s about as historically accurate as an Enigma song, but since when has Halloween been about replicating historical detail? It never has been. This holiday is about dressing up as something scary or something sexy. This costume is the latter. Boy howdy is it the latter.

The Sexy Tribal Lady”s Costume includes a faux suede and stretch microfiber dress with embroidered and jewel accented neckline appliqu_, adjustable drawstring hem line with multi-colored feathers, and a matching feather headpiece (no multi-colored eagles were hurt in the making of this Indian head band). Just be careful with this costume, if you start dancing, it might rain, so bring an umbrella. The Sexy Tribal Lady Costume is the hottest American Indian there is. If you want to dress as a native of America for this Halloween, then look no further than this attractive outfit.

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