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Rubber Ducky Costume for Boys

Rubber Ducky Costume for Boys

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Rubber Ducky Costume for Boys
This Black Fighter Ninja Child Costume will help your child join the most mysterious, elusive, and secretive order of fighters. Ninjas are known for their fierce independence and esoteric methods. From the ancient orders to the more modern brethren, ninjas have preserved and nurtured their tactics and strategies. This stealthy ninja disguise will take your child from Halloween night to Comic-Con without ever blowing his or her cover.

  • Includes: bodysuit, vest, sword, two daggers, two throwing stars, and nunchuks.
  • Does not include: socks.

What”s your ninja mission?

As a master of disguise and intrigue, your little ninja will spend hours in imaginative play, foiling their enemy”s plans and analyzing their target”s movements. In this costume, your ninja can inhabit countless ninja-themed stories, books, and films, or create ninja stories of their own. The cool, sleek black suit and impressive array of gadgets and weapons make this costume both functional and fun. It”s also perfect for filming and shooting homemade ninja movies. A great piece for performance, home theater, and creative storytelling, as well as an ideal addition to a kid”s dress-up collection.

Under the cover of dark

A stealthy figure slips in unseen. A hood hides the true identity of the ninja. This mission? Assassinate the King”s evil foe, or secure a mysterious relic being transported by a gang of villains. The security of the kingdom and the destiny of the princess hangs in the balance. Only a ninja can be trusted with such an important mission. The ninja never fails the mission and always has a backup plan.

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