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Royal King Crown Hat

Royal King Crown Hat

Our Price: $24.95

Reg Price: $30.00

Royal King Crown Hat
Hail to the King, baby. Oh, sure the royalty of the world has taken a backseat to modern governments but that doesnÕt mean that once a good while that a kingÕs present isnÕt appreciated. The Royal King Crown Hat is basically the embodiment regality. You can almost feel the royal presence emanating off of this costume just by looking at it.

The Royal King Crown Hat is about as respectable as it gets. ItÕs got jewels, itÕs got gilding, itÕs got what looks to be some sort of snow leopard spotting. It is everything one could ever want in a single costume crown.

Come at the king, you best not miss. Pick up the Royal King Crown Hat today and lord over all those beneath you (which would be everyone, because, hey youÕre a king now. Just donÕt let it all go to your head).

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