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Pinstriped Fedora Adult

Pinstriped Fedora Adult

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Pinstriped Fedora Adult
Top off your gangster getup with this jaunty fedora. It features a classic fedora style in basic bad-guy black all jazzed up with snazzy white pinstripes. Because pinstripes and gangsters go together like hotdogs and mustard. Add a pair of dangerous-looking heels and you’ll be the party’s one-woman crime wave.

  • One-size fits most adults
  • Easy-care polyester can be hand-washed (Being a gangster can get messy.)

In the old-timey days, it was a mark of distinction how you wore your hat. Use your imagination to bring out your inner gangster. Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. Pull the brim down low over one eye for an alluring come-hither look. Or set your hat way back on your head to make a come-and-get-me-coppers statement. Start your crime spree by stealing the spotlight. Hit the party with your mob in tow and you’ll earn the respect of everybody in the room. Who says crime doesn’t pay? And remember — keep your gangster friends close and your gangster enemies closer. And keep a crooked lawyer on speed dial — unless you want to trade your pinstripes for prison stripes. Oh, you could plead innocent — but we both know better than that.

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