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Pink Felt Star Wand

Pink Felt Star Wand

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Pink Felt Star Wand
What little child doesn”t love to play dress up as their favorite fantastical creatures? Fairies, wizards, sorcerers all have one thing in common: A magic wand! This Pink Star Wand delivers just the kind of magic you need to outfit your little ones with the kind of fantasy getup they”ve seen in their favorite movies, books and magazines over their impressionable years. They”re sure to love this mystical, magical wand.

    • Includes: One wand with a felt pink star with blue and purple ribbon cascading down.
    • Material: 100% Chemical Polyester Fiber

Let a Little Bit of Abracadabra Into Playtime!

Deliver just a little bit more magic to your next playtime with this pink wand. The great thing about this accessory? You don”t even need another bit of an outfit to have fun with it! Your child can run around in jeans or shorts and a regular old t-shirt … and with their magical pink star wand, they can deliver spells and potions to any object they want just with a wave of their arm. It”s a fabulous little accessory for their next playtime. Combine the wand with any other fantasy outfit for an awesomely interactive dress-up experience!

These Magic Moments

This star wand is constructed in a traditional five-pointed star design and colored in pink, with blue and purple ribbon attached for a “cascading” effect that delivers even more fun during playtime.

Pink Felt Star Wand Details:

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